Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center

FTG Development Inc. is seeking to become a Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment center (MMTC)

FTG Development Inc. 'FTG' is a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), a licensed nursery for over 36 years and an applicant for a Florida’s Medical Marijuana Treatment Center license.

FTG's Vision:
If given the opportunity, by the State of Florida, (DOH) we seek to empower wellness from Cannabis-based products and making it accessible for patients by providing clean, pesticide and contaminant-free, premium cannabis products. Patient care is our number one priority. With our inclusion we seek to serve areas populated by medically underserved and marginalized communities. As a corporate partner of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, we look forward to bringing awareness through educational centers. We will introduce a level of diversity via partnerships and employment opportunities, fulfilling our commitment to minority communities through-out the state of Florida.

Team Highlights:

• Team has significant experience in Cannabis regulated markets utilizing SOPs and seed to sale tracking systems
• Cultivation Director: Pioneer in the industry since legalization. Voted the 2016 most influential person in the marijuana industry from a major industry group. Worked directly with over 2000 patients to develop individualized cannabinoid therapies
• Medical Director: Addiction Medicine, Board of Preventive Medicine Certified. Buprenorphine Certified to treat patients with Opioid addictions
• Committed to employing Minorities, Veterans, Women as well as other MBE certified ancillaries

Open / Pending Case Numbers for FTG Development Inc:

1. Plaintiff - FTG vs DOH - Case No: 2019-CA-000858 - Default License
Plaintiff, FTG DEVELOPMENT, INC., through undersigned counsel and pursuant to Rule 1.630 of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, files this complaint seeking a writ of mandamus to compel Defendant, STATE OF FLORIDA, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, to register Plaintiff as a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center as required by the default license provision of section 120.60(1), Florida Statutes.

2. Intervenor/Plaintiff - Florigrown vs DOH - Case No: 2017-CA-002549

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