Choose the service that best suits your needs

Whether you are a new homeowner that wants to understand your new yard or someone that wants to have a roadmap for success to maximize your yard’s fullest potential, FTG Nursery offers the coaching or design service for you!

Garden Coach-Perfect for the person who may be a new homeowner and wants to identify what plants they have, and understand how to care for them.

  • On-site visit – we walk the yard with you and make suggestions as you take notes
  • Help you identify your plants, and discuss fertilization, pruning and basic care for them
  • Identify plant problems, and offer suggestions for treating

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Landscape Design for Front Yard or Back Yard only -An inexpensive way to get started with a plan when you want to focus on just the front or back yard.  Our most popular service

  • On-site visit
  • Identify and address problems such as drainage, erosion, and privacy
  • Determine your goals, expectations, and needs
  • Provide a two-dimensional design for you to work from as your time and budget allow
  • Provide a detailed plant and materials shopping list
  • Provide one Conceptual Photo

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Comprehensive Full Yard Landscape Design- Necessary for the success of large scale, long term projects where you want to maximize your yard’s fullest potential. This plan gives you a roadmap for success.

  • Extensive Initial visit to discuss your needs, expectations, likes, dislikes, as well as any drainage, privacy, noise and wildlife issues you may need to solve.
  • Armed with this information, and a feel for the style of landscaping you are looking for, we create a plan and path to bring your dreams to life.
  • Provide a detailed plant and materials shopping list, and suggest logical steps to implement your design
  • Along with a detailed design we provide two photo conceptual photos so you can better imagine the your possibilities

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