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John Allen and William Reese, whom have long-time family ties rooted back from childhood in Lee County where both families participated in little leagues sports along with working at FTG Nursery during summer breaks. William and John discussed an opportunity for a strategic partnership. Both leaders are very passionate about providing a solution to individuals who have been diagnosed with the ailments covered under the Office of Medical Compassionate Use Act. John, lost his father, to cancer at an early age, along with his grandmother, grandfather, aunt and numerous other family members.

Mr. Allen brings expertise in a number of disciplines including business development, global staffing & vendor management, technology innovations and Enterprise change management.

John has brought together a seasoned team of executives with strong backgrounds in the disciplines of Medical Marijuana Cultivation, Construction, Law Enforcement, Accounting, Security and Business Management. Our goal is to be the best partner for the State of Florida, whether leading the Low-THC cannabis effort and/or when providing our products and services.

William Reese SII, William brings a proven track record for cultivating, which included a wide variety of hands-on experience planting ornamentals, perennials, native species plants as well as those that are non-native to Florida in the Southwest Florida region. Mr. Reese has an extensive history of sharing information on the latest products or techniques with competitors, in the interest of benefitting the nursery industry as a whole. Nurserymen in the region came to rely on William for guidance on the cutting-edge technology of growing techniques.

Raised in the agricultural roots, the Reese family dates back to the 19th century in Ohio as farmers, when William Reese’s grandfather settled in the state. For three generations, the Reese family worked the land and applied its extensive experience to the nursery business. In 1950, William Reese’s father established his nursery footprint growing in the east coast of Florida. In the 1960’s William’s father teamed up with Jim Warkey in Lake Worth & Boca Raton, Florida and began concentrating on Palms. Since then, FTG Development has grown to cover over 400 acres in multiple states, including Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee and Florida.

As a nursery employee and owner for several decades, William Reese SII has personal and managerial experience with many key cultivation processes, procedures and techniques that are also relevant. Specifically, William has experience developing specific soil & nutrient rich fertilizers to maximize growth for produce high quality plant products. With his abundant cultivation knowledge, deep regional roots, advisory skills and reputation as an honorable nurseryman and person, William Reese SII is more than qualified to own and support Florida’s Dispensing Organization in the Southwest region.

At FTG, William’s role will be as a Senior Horiculture Advisor and will provide his expertise as a part of our day to day operations.

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