FTG Nursery is comprised of multi-generational farmers and has survived because of their commitment to their customers, employees and finally, their product. With over, 85 years of Nursery operations experience, supply-chain / logistics and project management disciplines these seasoned businessmen bring a depth of regional expertise with specific know-how of all aspects in cultivating, harvesting and selling plants as well as running a successful business that stands the test of time. As the CEO, President and Majority Owner, John Allen and William Reese SII, Vice President are ecstatic to continue providing high quality plant services to the communities.

The Florida Tree Growers 'FTG' company is unique in that we have pooled our collective knowledge, experience and resources to create a World class team committed to delivering the highest quality seeds and plants.

The execution team assembled is top notch in every facet of the business. The knowledge, experience and know-how in the agriculture industry in particular are well documented and proven to be repeatable.

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